Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

The rush to accomplish all the tasks required to open a new business within a 4 month window has been a little overwhelming!  I was only truly free to focus on this endeavor for the past 5 weeks, after the school year ended.  I know there will be further growing pains–I won’t be able to even test the storefront until tomorrow morning–and many found objects remain to be uploaded.

For those of you who have been waiting and so supportive of my venture, please continue to be patient!  I will work out glitches as fast as I can, which is often not too fast because of my limited tech-saviness.  I will upload additional found objects as quickly as possible–there will be new ones all the time.

Finally, should you wish to provide support in the form of patronage, I am on Patreon at  There are three different reward levels which will keep new releases coming to you automatically for the rest of the year.

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