About TWoTW

I have used essential oils for more than 30 years.  I love the clean, pure scents, the intimate connection with nature, and the freedom to combine them as I wish.  From this passion The Witch of the Woods (TWoTW) was born.  It is a one-woman enterprise for sharing my scent blends in various formulations that can be enjoyed by adults of any age or gender.  NB:  Essential oils should not be used by children, pets or pregnant women, except under the guidance of an expert, which I am not.

I hope you keep TWoTW in mind for the best in gift-giving for holidays, bridal parties, birthdays, retirements, or any time you would like to give yourself or someone else something special.

Scent Names

The names of my scents may strike you as a bit odd.  I have named all my creations after things in nature of which the scent particularly reminds me.  While you may or may not see the connection, I hope the names of these unique scents brings you a smile!

TWoTW Scents
  • Naked Goddess – unscented
  • Spring ’17: Hummingbird Nectar – grenadilla, pineapple and coconut (since retired)
  • Spring ’17: Leaping Goat – spicy grapefruit (reformulated in 2018, now part of permanent line
  • Summer ’17: Summer Solstice – toned down rose over a cucumber base note (now partof permanent line)
  • Autumn ’17: Autumn Hearth – woodsy essential oils with a hint of smoke (reformulated in 2018, rename An Owl in Autumn, now part of permanent line)
  • Winter ’17: Call of the Raven – birch over frankincense and myrrh absolute (scent retired, name to be reused for a new eucalyptus blend, in development)

Other Things that Might Interest You

When you choose TWoTW products, you are choosing luxury products with superior qualities.  You are also choosing products that tread lightly on the planet.

I use coconut wax, blended with small amounts of soy and vegetable waxes for improved temperature stability.  Coconut wax is a soft, creamy wax that throws scent incredibly well.  It is a wax that is earth-friendly, renewable, and responsibly-harvested, and it burns slowly and cleanly.


Wicks are wide-ranging in both content, quality of manufacture, and quality of performance.  Historically many wicks have contained lead and other heavy metals which pollute the environment as they burn.  I use only the finest braided cotton and paper wicks, manufactured in Germany, self-trimming, and non-polluting.

Essential Oils/Scented Oils

Personal fragrance oils at TWoTW are scented with pure essential oils.  These oils are a product of the plant from which it is harvested.  My candles and soaps are scented with both essential oils and fragrance oils.  Fragrance oils are made in a laboratory for use in home, health and beauty products.  They provide superior performance in candles and soaps where many essential oils do not.

If you do not care for scented candles I offer Naked Goddess, my unscented line of products.


There are no preservatives of any kind in TWoTW products.  For this reason, and because essential oils are ephemeral, your purchases should be used in a timely manner (best within 3 months), and candles should be covered when not in use.  Every candle comes with a cover that can be placed back on the candle container after it cools.

Timing Your Gift Order

TWoTW is a one-woman operation.  Each order placed is individually made, packaged, and shipped.  Due to the delicate nature of essential oils no products are made ahead, sitting on warehouse shelves, awaiting shipment.  If you are placing an order for a special event in which the timing of delivery is important, be sure to order well in advance of the date, and let me know in your order when your special day is.

Packaging, Labeling, Invoicing and Shipping

I searched long and hard for the containers and labels that I use for my products and I really love them, if I do say so myself.  The perfume oil containers are made from bamboo over plastic, and the candle holder is made from zinc.  My palms and salves come in brown kraft paper tubes.  Most containers are reusable and recyclable.  All labels and invoices are made from 100% post-consumer waste.  Should you want to refill your TWoTW container, mail it back to me with your order, your address, your paypal email, and your phone number.  I will send you a Paypal invoice for your order and ship your refill upon receipt of payment.

If you come to my public events, you can choose from my found object candle containers which are perfect to be used over and over again.  Many of them are vintage and antique glass and all have many good years of use ahead of them.  When you finish burning the candle, you can refill it here at TWoTW, or reuse it as a glass, mug, vase, pickle dish, jewelry container, candy bowl, or whatever else you can dream up!

Even if you don’t want to refill your containers, I accept all used containers for reuse if you wish to go to the expense of returning them.  The earth thanks you!

Whenever possible shipping containers and wrapping are reused.

Giving Back

10% of all profits from TWoTW go to organizations doing important work that I believe in.  Some examples are African Wildlife Foundation, Woman to Woman International, Jane Goodall Foundation, Botswana Orphan Project, Nature Conservancy, and Water.org.  All non-profits that I support are carefully vetted to assure that donations go to the work in question, not to management salaries, overhead and fund-raising.