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My grand reopening is underway.  After suffering numerous growing pains over the past 2 years I have settled on a scent calendar and a few permanent product lines.  Packaging and labeling are still in flux, and will perhaps always be in flux due to my ongoing efforts to find the most earth-friendly, yet inexpensive, packaging.

I continue to search the world for the finest, most unique, and newest essential oils that come to market.  I am restricting the use of essential oils to my perfumes, skin balms, soaps, and fizzezes.  They are unsuited to candles as the scent throw is poor, and the quantity of oil required for good response makes the resulting price of the candle prohibitive.  I will make essential oil candles by special request; I understand that I have customers that burn only EO candles and are willing to pay the price.

I ran into a conundrum on what to do with lip balms.  Lip balms are largely “flavored” with artificial flavors which are actually scents. Most of my essential oil scent lines are unsuited to something one would put on one’s lips.  Therefore, when an essential oil is suited to lips (e.g. birch, cinnamon, peppermint, orange, etc.) I may offer a lip balm in that “flavor”.  But many of the intriguing, not to mention fun, lip balm flavors are artificial (e.g. apple, banana, wine, nut, etc.) so I may periodically offer lip balms using artificial flavoring.  Such lip balms will be clearly marked.

I also just love the occasional artificial fragrance oil for my other products.  To that end, I am producing a quarterly product using flavor oils (as opposed to essential oils) because some of them are so well done, and so delicious!  Whenever you see the terms flavor oil or fragrance oil, please note that these are manmade.

Thanks for visiting The Witch of the Woods!  I hope you find something irresistible!

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