Happy Belated Spring Equinox!

I’m running a little behind this spring–busy, busy, busy!  But new products, fragrances and flavors are being steadily developed, tested and uploaded.  I hope to have 12 fragrance/flavor lines (one for each month of the year) by the end of 2018.

I am adding three products to my line for 2018 which is part of the reason for the delay…I was a little too ambitious maybe!  This year I am offering all natural goat milk soaps, aloe vera scrubeze (a soap with an organic loofah sponge embedded within), and expanding my lip balm to a large size to be used as a skin salve.  My lip balm will also be offered in a less expensive kraft paper tube.

Most of the fragrances I have developed so far are becoming part of my permanent line.

Here is where the development of my calendar of product scents/flavors stands so far:

Swinger of Birches, which was a specialty scent and flavor for the holidays, was so popular that I am making it permanent–it will be my January product.

Call of the Raven will be the name of my new February line, a eucalyptus blend still in development.

In March I am offering a green apple line tentatively named Hints of Spring.  Prototypes of some products available–line still in development.

April’s line is called In From the Barn, a wonderful clean masculine blend of cedar, leather, hay and some other delicious notes.  A few prototypes will be up soon though the line is still in development.

Leaping Goat is being reformulated (still citrus) and will become my May product line.

Summer Solstice, my best seller to date, will become my June product line.

For July I am at work on the hardest scent of all, the scent of the sea.  Ingredients for this are very dear and hard to work with.  Progress is slow.  I can only hope that I will have something by July.  Tentative name is Mermaid’s Delight.

August’s scent line and name are also still in development, though it will consist of garden aromas–tomato leaf, marigold, radish, dirt, etc.  Gardeners will love this one!

September’s scent has not progressed too far.  It will involve the clean scent of freshly picked red apples, but full scent profile still indefinite.

Autumn Hearth will be reformulated and renamed An Owl in Autumn and will be ready for October.

Dragon’s Blood is renamed Witch’s Brew and taking its place as my November product.  It will remain a patchouli and spice concoction.

Finally, The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep will be a woody evergreen extravaganza for December.

Once all the scent and flavor profiles are formulated and uploaded, they will all be available year round.  I have already been to my first craft fair of the year–many thanks to the horse-related products sale in Big Flats, NY on March 18–and as soon as I know future sale dates and locations I will post them here, and on social media.

Thanks for visiting!  Please stop by often to see what’s new, and keep TWoTW in mind for all your gift-giving needs!

Blessed Winter Solstice!

The witch has released two new scents for the holiday/winter season!

Swinger of Birches:  A simple clean mix of sweet birch and sassafras.  Wintery and fresh!

Dragon’s Blood:  Deep and warm with evergreen top notes, cinnamon mid notes, and a hint of dark patchouli at the base.

Please remember that TWoTW is closed until 12/26–any orders placed before that date will be filled after that date.

Wonderful things are on the horizon for spring, so keep warm and enjoy nature at rest until then!

Autumn and Winter 2017 scents are here!

It is a little late, but the last two scents of 2017 are finally available.  The scent for Autumn 2017 is called Autumn Hearth and is a woodsy masculine scent comprised of cedar, sandalwood, cypress and a hint of thyme.

The Winter 2017 scent is called Call of the Raven and has a strong birch top note with frankincense and myrrh absolute base notes–invigorating and yet warm.

Hope all your holidays are safe and wonderful!  Please note The Witch of the Woods will be closed from 12/16 to 12/26.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

The rush to accomplish all the tasks required to open a new business within a 4 month window has been a little overwhelming!  I was only truly free to focus on this endeavor for the past 5 weeks, after the school year ended.  I know there will be further growing pains–I won’t be able to even test the storefront until tomorrow morning–and many found objects remain to be uploaded.

For those of you who have been waiting and so supportive of my venture, please continue to be patient!  I will work out glitches as fast as I can, which is often not too fast because of my limited tech-saviness.  I will upload additional found objects as quickly as possible–there will be new ones all the time.

Finally, should you wish to provide support in the form of patronage, I am on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/TheWitchoftheWoods.  There are three different reward levels which will keep new releases coming to you automatically for the rest of the year.

Hello world!

Welcome to The Witch of the Woods!

We plan to open on the summer solstice, June 21, 2017.  Our first year we will offer the finest in handmade 100% natural essential oil candles, personal fragrances, and lip balms.

Look for our first three scent offerings on June 21.

Thank you for visiting!